Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to Get the Very Most From Your Business Cards

Business cards represent a fantastic opportunity for any business man or woman or for any entrepreneur. A huge part of business as most people are aware is who you know and if you have the right connections then spreading the word on a new product or finding more work can be significantly easier. However at the same time it's also important to recognize that this doesn't make business down to luck - knowing the right people and getting them to respond to you and to want to work with you is a skill in itself and it's something that the business savvy will put a lot of time and effort into if they are going to be successful. And a fantastic tool to help you do this? The humble business card, which can turn any interaction into a potential lead or business partner. Here we will look at how to get the most out of your business cards.

Know When to Hand Them Over

Going around being trigger happy with your business cards and giving them to every single person you meet isn't going to help your business. In fact this might even damage your business as people avoid you and as you ruin your reputation in front of those people. Make sure that you only give business cards when someone shows a genuine interest in your company, or when you would otherwise be swapping numbers. Getting to that point in the conversation is again a skill in itself.

Get a Great Design

When you hand over your business card you want this to tell the recipient that you are serious about what you do and that you are smart enough and have enough foresight to have gotten them printed. Of course though your business card isn't going to say this at all if it's badly designed and if it looks ugly, so make sure you use a good company to get the card printed who will make the card in high definition and crisp colour, and that you come up with a great design or outsource the design process if you don't trust yourself.

Make Them High Quality

Meanwhile you also want to make your business cards high quality and as durable as possible. This way they will be more able to stand up to punishment meaning they're more likely to get passed around, but at the same time they will reflect better on the quality of the service or product that you provide.

Use Technology

A business card traditionally will have a name and a phone number on it, but today it can have so much more: an e-mail address for instance or a website. Make sure you have at least these things so that you are offering your contacts lots of ways to get in touch with you and showing you are up to date. If you really want to impress however and improve the effectiveness of your cards then you should also consider some other options for your cards: Twitter handles, Facebook pages and AR codes for instance.

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